Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Jesus Controversy 5

The Orion and the Garden of Eden

I think I have already mentioned this elsewhere in this blog, when I unexpectedly found myself on some planet somewhere within the Orion Constellation.  It happened during an initiation just over ten years ago.  The entire experience lasted for no more than 1 minute.  Naturally, I was in the spirit.  The first feeling I had was an overpowering sense of home sickness.  I knew that this was the place from whence I came.  Maybe even originated there.  I ended up near some cheaply constructed dwelling consisting of branches and leaves, definitely not a permanent dwelling, suggesting that the people were nomads, staying in the one place only so long without depleting the area they occupied.  I only saw about 3 people, human, tall and dressed in thin linen gowns with patterns, suggesting a constant warm climate.  These people were not aware of my presence, or at least they made no effort in acknowledging me.  The environment was indescribable and what was going through my thoughts was the Garden of Eden.  

Did the ancients know of this place?  Is this why they were so fascinated with the Orion that even the Giza Plateau is a star map of that constellation, the three pyramids representing the belt?  Was this world the dream of the pharaohs?  Maybe.  Who knows.  I've been pondering this ever since - is this the place from which I have fallen, or is it simply just one of many worlds in which I have lived?  Although Spirit may show you things they don't particularly give you the answers, but let you ponder on the mystery of your own existence.

I am also convinced that we don't all come from the same place but we are resolving our karma together on this piece of dust.  We recognize ourselves as physical beings, and somewhere along the way we have been classified as "human beings" but the learned know that the body is simply a vehicle in which some manner of spirit consciousness resides, but know not from where this consciousness has come from, or where this consciousness has been in the past, and what manner of karmic judgment this spirit consciousness must endure.  In fact, we don't know what manner of creature resides in anyone's body.  It can either be good or evil.  I've seen some very ugly spirits concealed within human flesh.  There are others also who testify that the greater element are close to demonic.  This is a very real fact and we are all having a human experience.

Lets face it, the universe is filled with many different worlds, and on many of these worlds, the intelligent life that exists there is not what we would recognize as human.  But it is not the physical body, the vehicle that is important, but the driver controlling that vehicle.  If you study our physical vehicles, our bodily construction, we are hardly suitable to exist comfortably within earthly conditions in our raw state.  By raw state I mean, look at the animals in their natural state, they are entirely adapted to cope within their environment.  Evolution has given them exactly what they need in order to survive on this planet.  If we were to live here relying solely on what evolution has given us, for example, take away our clothes, our heating, we could simply not survive in our natural environmental state of nakedness.  We are not indigenous to this plant.  There some who suggest that the Neanderthal is the indigenous species of this world, and there is evidence that Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens have for some time co-existed.  They also believe that Bigfoot, or its various other names around the world, are a surviving remnant of Neanderthal. 

Consider every species of life on this planet and how each species fits in perfectly into its natural environment and how it is engineered to survive within that environment.  The monkey has no need to light fires, live in houses or don fur coats if the weather turns chilly.  It is indigenous to this world and its immediate environment.  The only creature out of place is the human species.  So we need to ask ourselves: was the famed Garden of Eden ever on this planet?  Or is this place where we were banished to?  Adam and Eve were naked within their environment as much as the monkey can be considered naked in his environment.  What caused Adam to cover himself with a fig leaf?  What made him come aware of his natural state of nakedness, and be ashamed?

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