Friday, November 30, 2012

The Jesus Controversy 4

Blood line and Spirit line

We who are incarnated into these physical bodies are subjected to two distinct evolutionary lines.  The line that is mainly influenced by karma we call the bloodline, and it is the family blood lines we continuously incarnate into.  The more one frees oneself from karma the more control we gain over any particular bloodline.  The more we evolve the more free we become and the more we can choose of what is, and what is not to inflict us while we are down here.  The more we can plan our own destinies.  Mind you, some of us, have a tendency to take on too much to free ourselves quicker, and sometimes we bite off more than we can choose.  When we decide on these things, of what is and what is not to occur to us while on earth, is usually decided in a heavenly state of existence of peace and harmony, having well forgotten the terrible afflictions we decided upon ourselves the last time round.  And while we are down here, "we do indeed groan, we who dwell in the body, wishing to put away this tent and to be with the Lord."

The Masters are not subjected to incarnate into human bloodlines as they are free from karmic chains.  They are fully evolved into Spirit lines.  We who are still struggling on the physical level are also, at the same time, evolving into our Spirit lines, and at death we endeavor to reconnect with these lines, and in this case we call them 'Group Souls.'  The Masters also belong to Group Souls but they are of a more divine substance.  Their incarnations on the physical level is purely voluntary, though they tend to incarnate into holy priestly physical lines.  The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm what I'm writing as they record Melchizedek being a divine being with the title Elohim bestowed upon him, and Elohim is the god associated with the "creation" concept and not the "formation."  Likewise, the  Nag Hammadi Library also confirms that Melchizedek was Jesus.  I try to double check these things to insure the information I'm receiving is as accurate as possible.  And I'm writing in a hurry as  don't have much time on my hands.

I am aware of some chapters of my "Autobiography" as seen through the Akashic Record and through the assistance of various guides and helpers.  I myself have jumped through various physical bloodlines, whereas the one I am currently connected to will no longer exist once I depart this world.  For many chapters now I have always incarnated into Germany as my starting base but have always lived the majority of my days in other countries.  In my last incarnation I immigrated to America, probably around 1850, and crossed the plains into Indian territory.  I saw this quite detailed through the Akashic during the era of the great Chief Sitting Bull.  I also had a close connection with the Cherokees, but of which I know little, but have worked with a Cherokee Princess in spirit, one of the most powerful spirits I've ever had the privilege to experience.

If you want to know who I once was.  I'll give you a clue - I wrote "Silent Night."

You don't believe me?  Well, there's a lot more you will not believe, or at least doubt.  That's only because you are stuck in the chapter of your own story, a chapter still needing completion.  You can never know the story of your existence, and what brought you to this present time, unless you can turn back some of those pages, perhaps to the previous chapter, or the one before that, maybe then you will gain some inkling of who you are.

It's waiting for you.

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