Thursday, December 20, 2012

UFO and the Crucifixion

One of the more popular medieval paintings depicting UFO's is of the Crucifixion painted in 1350.  These two unexplainable flying objects don't only have people seated at controls but the scene suggests one to be chasing the other while below them the tortured body of Christ hung on the cross.  The depiction of this scene is beyond just wild imagination on behalf of the artist in an era when the UFO phenomenon did not exist.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Three Wisemen - Another Version

This article fits in with my current theme of discussion.  It concerns a newly discovered ancient text from the Vatican archives.  We need to remember that there were many other Christian texts that were circulating amongst the first Christians, like the book of Enoch, that were excluded by the church started by Constantine.  Even the Bible that we possess today is only a small version of what once constituted the Canon.  During the passing centuries the Bible was consistently stripped down to size by the constantly changing seats of power.  Even today we have two versions of the Catholic Bible - the standard King James, which is the most commonly used, and the Jerusalem Bible which still includes parts of the Apocrypha.  Most of what we find in the excluded, and some hidden books, we may ultimately conceive as weird and unbelievable simply because the events were never implemented into the story of Christ.


Rediscovered Ancient Text Tells a Different Three Wise Men Tale
In the 'Revelation of the Magi,' Christ Appears as a 'Star-Child'
Dec. 23, 2010

An ancient text called the "Revelation of the Magi," has been rediscovered and tells a very different version of the Three Wise Men's journey to Bethlehem.

"It ends up being the most complex, richest, most strange, the strangest story of the Wise Men to come out of Christian antiquity," said Brent Landau, an expert in ancient Biblical languages and literature. "Until now, it had never been translated into English."

Landau, who teaches in the Religious Studies program at the University of Oklahoma, translated the text from Syriac and published it in his book, "The Revelations of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men's Journey to Bethlehem."

The ancient text's original author is still unknown, although it is written from the point of view of the Magi themselves. Landau tracked it down in the Vatican archives and believes it is about 1,700 years old.

"It's an incredibly grand story," Landau said. "So who the Magi are in this text is, they are descendants of Adam and Eve's third son, Seth. They live in this far eastern land. The text calls the land 'Shir' and from other ancient texts, it seems like the place it had in mind is the land of China."

Landau said the rediscovered text described the Magi as practicing religious rituals, waiting for the Star of Bethlehem to appear. When the star finally did, they embarked on their journey to the City of David.

But the version of the Wise Men's story in this text is strikingly different than the traditional one in the Bible, told in 12 verses in the Gospel of Matthew.

In the "Revelation of the Magi," Landau said, the Star of Bethlehem not only led the Wise Men, but actually became the Christ child.

"The cave is filled with light," Landau said, describing the transcribed text. "They're kind of hesitant about this, but eventually the star...its light concentrates and reveals the small luminous human being...a star child, if you's Christ."

Landau Says the Ancient Text Is a Lost Message From Early Christians

In this version, Landau said the most startling, and controversial, difference is what happened next in the story, when the "star child" spoke to the Magi.

"Christ tells them, 'This is one of many occasions on which I have appeared to the peoples of the world,'" Landau said. "So this text may even be saying that there are no non-Christian religions because Christ is the revelation behind everything."

Landau hypothesized that the text a sort of lost message about them from an early Christian community.

"I think the thing that stunned me the most was what it seemed to be suggesting about...the scope of Christ's revelation, if you will," he said.

We traveled to Bethlehem to track the mysterious journey of the Magi.

Shimon Gibson, a Biblical archeologist and author of several books, including "The Final Days of Jesus: The Archeological Evidence," showed us the roads coming from the east that lead up to Bethlehem.

"There is one road, which goes all the way to China, and it's called the Spice Route," he said. "[It] sort of came up through the desert and would have been a common sight, I think, at the time of Jesus, to see tradesmen coming along with their caravans."

Gibson acknowledged that the landscape described in the Gospel of Matthew is similar to what one sees in modern Israel, but it would be "impossible" to prove that the famed Wise Men actually traveled to Bethlehem.

"But there is a tradition there that's linked into a certain reality," he said.

Gibson added that the elements of the familiar Nativity scene made sense based on the historical and archeological data of the time.

"If you were arriving in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago and someone said, 'We're going to give you the stable to sleep in,' this is not being rude, they're actually being nice," Gibson said. "It's the warmest room in the house...very different than the story of Sunday school approach."

Biblical Scholar: 'The Wise Men Represent Blessing'

The rediscovered text won't change the treasured Biblical story of the Journey of the Magi. But their destination to the Holy Land continues to inspire awe and wonderment for the Christian pilgrims who travel to Bethlehem every year to trace their path.

According to Israeli government tourism figures, 1.4 million people have visited the sacred ground of Bethlehem so far this year. Millions more have been coming for centuries. In ancient times, travelers from the East would cross miles of desert for months to reach Bethlehem, as the Wise Men did in the Gospel of Matthew.

"[The Wise Men] represent blessing, maybe unexpected blessing," said Paul Wright, Biblical scholar and president of Jerusalem University College.

"There is something here," he added. "Coming from the east, into this land of Canaan, of Israel, that brings people home, to the place they're supposed to be. Somehow they were coming to a place where they belonged."

ABC News' Lauren Effron contributed to this report.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mary and the Star of Bethlehem

Aliens and the Virgin

Most of us know that the virgin birth, or the Immaculate Conception, is not original or unique within Christian theology.  Many other cultures have similar virgin births.  What is unique within Christianity is the mystery of possible extraterrestrial connections with both Jesus and Mary.  Consider the Star of Bethlehem, for instance, which has not been convincingly explained to this day.  Was it a star or an alien craft that led the Three Wise Men to the Christ child's location?  Some scholars have even suggested that it may have been Haley's Comet.  But how does one follow a comet?  Does a comet stop directly above the stable, or cave (the locality is somewhat conflicting) where the child lies?  Was it the same pillar of fire by night that led the children of Israel through the wilderness?

Christianity is the most controversial religion on this planet.  Is it because it is the most recent, if not the last, dispensation of knowledge brought down from spiritual intelligences?  The last dispensation before, as some researchers suggest, the return to this world of the ancient gods?  Christianity has the most mystical brotherhoods enveloped around it as never before in history.  The sudden rise and decline of the Knights Templar, their mysterious adoration of Mary Magdalene; the rise of the Arcane and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucian); the Teutonic Knights, defenders of the House of Maria down to the Freemason Brotherhood.  Many mystics and inspired individuals had crossed the thresholds of these Mystical Orders.  Behind these doors many of the Sacred Secrets are vouchsafed.

Below is a painting of the Annunciation painted in 1486.  Just what is the artist trying to convey?

 We have to remember that UFO's, or flying saucers were unknown in those early centuries and did not come into prominence until after the Second World War.  You can see that the artist is depicting a beam of light leaving the craft and touching Mary's head.  Was it communication of the Holy Spirit, or Gabriel?

By including the luminous dove in the beam the artist conveys the Holy Spirit.  What insight did he possess to assume that the Spirit could come from such a saucer?  Fantasy?  Delusion?  Did Jesus come from the saucer rather than the House of David? Interesting concepts. 

Above Mary's left shoulder is a shining, or glowing, disk shaped object. A man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the floating object.  Painted in the 15th century by an unknown artist.

The Baptism of Jesus was painted in 1710.  Here again the Holy Spirit is depicted as having come from an overhead saucer shaped object.  It is only after this baptism that Jesus began his three year mission.

Friday, December 14, 2012

As on Earth so on Mars

    Ancient Visitations

    That the earth has been visited by extraterrestrial intelligences is now well documented and not many free thinkers would challenge the possibility in today's age.  Visitation is as old as civilization itself as it is evidenced in ancient rock paintings within prehistoric caves and other ancient artifacts like figurines.  There is also ample evidence to suggest that these ancient visitors imparted knowledge to our ancient ancestors to assist them in their personal development.  There is also evidence of genetic engineering, whether through laboratory means or simple sexual relations.  Many researchers have a tendency to explain these interferences as evil and that these "sons of God" were nothing but demonic fallen angels.  Many of these researchers just blindly grab Biblical references and combine them into a factual picture.  Without proper spiritual discernment it is not possible to compile an accurate conclusion.

    There are three basic extraterrestrial links that are recorded in ancient literature.  These connections are with Orion, Sirius and the planet Mars.  In some mystical brotherhoods these visitors were regarded as the "Gardeners of the Earth."  Jesus himself often referred to the earth as a vineyard and that mankind is the destroyer of his Father's vineyard.  So it is extreme arrogance to believe that this planet belongs to mankind and that he can do with it as he pleases. 

    In regards to extraterrestrial connections there are two distinct evidences that we can ponder over.  One is the Giza Plateau representing the belt of Orion while the other is at Avebury, England, representing Cydonia, the region on Mars where the well known "face of Mars" is located.

     When we look back to the ancient days of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, to the area that is now Lebanon,  was once called Cydonia.  Because of the vast ancient significance of the area is the very reason why the area on Mars is named after Cydonia on earth. It is here where Europa, the Phoenician goddess was abducted and taken to Crete and after whom Europe is later named.  Europa means to see clearly with eyes wide open.  Here also is where Mount Hermon is located where the ancient gods first descended upon.

    The expert on Cydonia and the Mars connection is the late David Flyn and there are a few of his videos available on Youtube.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enoch and Elijah

Whirlwinds and heavenly chariots

There are many mysteries concerning Jesus the Christ and there is evidence both from the Gospels, Gnostic writings, and medieval paintings of extraterrestrial connections.  Possibly the first connection begins with Enoch who was removed without seeing death. When we read the story of Enoch and his journey of the Seven Heavens, or worlds, however the case may be, we can reach the conclusion that he experienced some manner of time travel for he was returned to earth many centuries later and was told to write down what he had experienced during his brief journey.  Now the book of Enoch, believed to be a 1st century work, has been deemed uninspired, or non authentic by the early Church Fathers.  Why they have formed this decision is anyone's guess but we know that the writings of Enoch must have been extensively studied by the early Christians as passages of Enoch's prophesies were quoted in the Letter of Jude within New Testament writings.  Now if the early Christians themselves considered Enoch's writing as uninspired or non authentic - why quote from his work?

The next Biblical person to have been whisked away from this earth without passing through death was Elijah, and in my opinion, the most prominent prophet of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (not Judah).  Prominent because he also had the ability to raise the dead and call fire from heaven, as well as being prophesized to possess the body of the much later prophet, John the Baptist, the forerunner of the coming of Christ.  Like Melchizedek, the origins of Elijah are also shrouded in mystery and in the Kabalistic writings he is mentioned as having been an angel in human form, also having no mother and father.  At the end of his mission he transferred his power and authority to his protégé and was whisked away by heavenly chariots.

Naturally we have Ezekiel and his well documented cherubim and wheels.  It is mainly because of Ezekiel's experience of his "winged creatures" that we have the conception that angels have wings, which in reality they don't.  Another interesting point about the "whirlwinds" whenever they appear is that they always approach from the north.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Jesus Controversy 5

The Orion and the Garden of Eden

I think I have already mentioned this elsewhere in this blog, when I unexpectedly found myself on some planet somewhere within the Orion Constellation.  It happened during an initiation just over ten years ago.  The entire experience lasted for no more than 1 minute.  Naturally, I was in the spirit.  The first feeling I had was an overpowering sense of home sickness.  I knew that this was the place from whence I came.  Maybe even originated there.  I ended up near some cheaply constructed dwelling consisting of branches and leaves, definitely not a permanent dwelling, suggesting that the people were nomads, staying in the one place only so long without depleting the area they occupied.  I only saw about 3 people, human, tall and dressed in thin linen gowns with patterns, suggesting a constant warm climate.  These people were not aware of my presence, or at least they made no effort in acknowledging me.  The environment was indescribable and what was going through my thoughts was the Garden of Eden.  

Did the ancients know of this place?  Is this why they were so fascinated with the Orion that even the Giza Plateau is a star map of that constellation, the three pyramids representing the belt?  Was this world the dream of the pharaohs?  Maybe.  Who knows.  I've been pondering this ever since - is this the place from which I have fallen, or is it simply just one of many worlds in which I have lived?  Although Spirit may show you things they don't particularly give you the answers, but let you ponder on the mystery of your own existence.

I am also convinced that we don't all come from the same place but we are resolving our karma together on this piece of dust.  We recognize ourselves as physical beings, and somewhere along the way we have been classified as "human beings" but the learned know that the body is simply a vehicle in which some manner of spirit consciousness resides, but know not from where this consciousness has come from, or where this consciousness has been in the past, and what manner of karmic judgment this spirit consciousness must endure.  In fact, we don't know what manner of creature resides in anyone's body.  It can either be good or evil.  I've seen some very ugly spirits concealed within human flesh.  There are others also who testify that the greater element are close to demonic.  This is a very real fact and we are all having a human experience.

Lets face it, the universe is filled with many different worlds, and on many of these worlds, the intelligent life that exists there is not what we would recognize as human.  But it is not the physical body, the vehicle that is important, but the driver controlling that vehicle.  If you study our physical vehicles, our bodily construction, we are hardly suitable to exist comfortably within earthly conditions in our raw state.  By raw state I mean, look at the animals in their natural state, they are entirely adapted to cope within their environment.  Evolution has given them exactly what they need in order to survive on this planet.  If we were to live here relying solely on what evolution has given us, for example, take away our clothes, our heating, we could simply not survive in our natural environmental state of nakedness.  We are not indigenous to this plant.  There some who suggest that the Neanderthal is the indigenous species of this world, and there is evidence that Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens have for some time co-existed.  They also believe that Bigfoot, or its various other names around the world, are a surviving remnant of Neanderthal. 

Consider every species of life on this planet and how each species fits in perfectly into its natural environment and how it is engineered to survive within that environment.  The monkey has no need to light fires, live in houses or don fur coats if the weather turns chilly.  It is indigenous to this world and its immediate environment.  The only creature out of place is the human species.  So we need to ask ourselves: was the famed Garden of Eden ever on this planet?  Or is this place where we were banished to?  Adam and Eve were naked within their environment as much as the monkey can be considered naked in his environment.  What caused Adam to cover himself with a fig leaf?  What made him come aware of his natural state of nakedness, and be ashamed?

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Jesus Controversy 4

Blood line and Spirit line

We who are incarnated into these physical bodies are subjected to two distinct evolutionary lines.  The line that is mainly influenced by karma we call the bloodline, and it is the family blood lines we continuously incarnate into.  The more one frees oneself from karma the more control we gain over any particular bloodline.  The more we evolve the more free we become and the more we can choose of what is, and what is not to inflict us while we are down here.  The more we can plan our own destinies.  Mind you, some of us, have a tendency to take on too much to free ourselves quicker, and sometimes we bite off more than we can choose.  When we decide on these things, of what is and what is not to occur to us while on earth, is usually decided in a heavenly state of existence of peace and harmony, having well forgotten the terrible afflictions we decided upon ourselves the last time round.  And while we are down here, "we do indeed groan, we who dwell in the body, wishing to put away this tent and to be with the Lord."

The Masters are not subjected to incarnate into human bloodlines as they are free from karmic chains.  They are fully evolved into Spirit lines.  We who are still struggling on the physical level are also, at the same time, evolving into our Spirit lines, and at death we endeavor to reconnect with these lines, and in this case we call them 'Group Souls.'  The Masters also belong to Group Souls but they are of a more divine substance.  Their incarnations on the physical level is purely voluntary, though they tend to incarnate into holy priestly physical lines.  The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm what I'm writing as they record Melchizedek being a divine being with the title Elohim bestowed upon him, and Elohim is the god associated with the "creation" concept and not the "formation."  Likewise, the  Nag Hammadi Library also confirms that Melchizedek was Jesus.  I try to double check these things to insure the information I'm receiving is as accurate as possible.  And I'm writing in a hurry as  don't have much time on my hands.

I am aware of some chapters of my "Autobiography" as seen through the Akashic Record and through the assistance of various guides and helpers.  I myself have jumped through various physical bloodlines, whereas the one I am currently connected to will no longer exist once I depart this world.  For many chapters now I have always incarnated into Germany as my starting base but have always lived the majority of my days in other countries.  In my last incarnation I immigrated to America, probably around 1850, and crossed the plains into Indian territory.  I saw this quite detailed through the Akashic during the era of the great Chief Sitting Bull.  I also had a close connection with the Cherokees, but of which I know little, but have worked with a Cherokee Princess in spirit, one of the most powerful spirits I've ever had the privilege to experience.

If you want to know who I once was.  I'll give you a clue - I wrote "Silent Night."

You don't believe me?  Well, there's a lot more you will not believe, or at least doubt.  That's only because you are stuck in the chapter of your own story, a chapter still needing completion.  You can never know the story of your existence, and what brought you to this present time, unless you can turn back some of those pages, perhaps to the previous chapter, or the one before that, maybe then you will gain some inkling of who you are.

It's waiting for you.