Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enoch and Elijah

Whirlwinds and heavenly chariots

There are many mysteries concerning Jesus the Christ and there is evidence both from the Gospels, Gnostic writings, and medieval paintings of extraterrestrial connections.  Possibly the first connection begins with Enoch who was removed without seeing death. When we read the story of Enoch and his journey of the Seven Heavens, or worlds, however the case may be, we can reach the conclusion that he experienced some manner of time travel for he was returned to earth many centuries later and was told to write down what he had experienced during his brief journey.  Now the book of Enoch, believed to be a 1st century work, has been deemed uninspired, or non authentic by the early Church Fathers.  Why they have formed this decision is anyone's guess but we know that the writings of Enoch must have been extensively studied by the early Christians as passages of Enoch's prophesies were quoted in the Letter of Jude within New Testament writings.  Now if the early Christians themselves considered Enoch's writing as uninspired or non authentic - why quote from his work?

The next Biblical person to have been whisked away from this earth without passing through death was Elijah, and in my opinion, the most prominent prophet of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (not Judah).  Prominent because he also had the ability to raise the dead and call fire from heaven, as well as being prophesized to possess the body of the much later prophet, John the Baptist, the forerunner of the coming of Christ.  Like Melchizedek, the origins of Elijah are also shrouded in mystery and in the Kabalistic writings he is mentioned as having been an angel in human form, also having no mother and father.  At the end of his mission he transferred his power and authority to his protégé and was whisked away by heavenly chariots.

Naturally we have Ezekiel and his well documented cherubim and wheels.  It is mainly because of Ezekiel's experience of his "winged creatures" that we have the conception that angels have wings, which in reality they don't.  Another interesting point about the "whirlwinds" whenever they appear is that they always approach from the north.

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