Saturday, November 17, 2012

How will truth set you free?

The slave and the household.
I often hear spoken the term "the truth will set you free." When I ask them: "what is that truth?" I hear all kinds of explanations that have absolutely no relationship with the wisdom of which Christ spoke.  It suggests to me that they like the sound of the verse but have no idea what Christ spoke about, let alone what he was referring to.  Most people haven't even read the message.  Most Christians, liking the sound of it, simply skim through it without endeavoring to understand it. Yet, those discerned in the "Sacred Secrets" know what this message means.

Those who understand know that the "household" to which Christ referred are the kingdoms of heaven.  Heaven should never be used in a singular term but always in the plural.  Same as "my Father's house has many rooms." Each one of these rooms represents a different state of existence, or plane of consciousness.  Elsewhere Christ promised: "where I am, my disciples shall be also."  By this he meant a place within the household, not immediately with him, for he further said: " I'm going to the Father and I'll prepare a place for you." 

Within this parable Christ referred to himself as a 'son' within the household, and the son has a permanent place within this household.  He referred to us as slaves, and the slave has no permanent place in the household.  He emphasized that all who sin, are a slave to that sin, and the slave has no permanent place in the household.  But if the 'son' sets you free, then you will indeed be free.

There is a lot of confusion about the status of 'son' or the 'only begotten son' as Christ certainly isn't the only avatar who claimed this title.  One of his greatest teachings is the individualization of the soul, and that soul's connection with God, and the individual's intimate relationship with the Father.  Melchizedek, for instance,  bore the same titles as did Christ, and it's not surprising that Christ became Priest of the Most High God after the Order Melchizedek.   The writer of Hebrews referred to Christ as the older brother who went before us.

I will discuss more concerning the 'household' and our apparent place within it and the possible connections aliens have with us.


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