Thursday, February 17, 2011

Purgatory - the place of burning

We have already learned that there is more than one heaven, that it is in fact, one place of many. Purgatory, in this sense is the same. There are different levels to Purgatory that the departing spirit may encounter. Some levels are worse than others and which level you may well end up in is greatly dependent on the kind of life you have lived on earth, your level of spiritual attainment, your state of mind while passing from life into death. I have also suggested that, judging by some peoples NDE’s, the experiences of some of Jesus’ disciples, that a direct passing through the layers of Purgatory is also achievable.

This makes the Christian Purgatory similar to the Buddhist Bardo?

Yes, of course, they are the same, only differently termed. The lower levels of Purgatory are indeed dark places where many demons or miscreant spirits have their existence. This is not particularly the level where Jesus went to during his three days in hell, but to the upper regions of Purgatory. The entities in the darker regions do not particularly want to ascend to the Light. Their obsession with the physical world is too powerful and they may often attempt to possess the bodies of incarnated beings, and they have also been known to possess the bodies of animals, often, because of the possession, transform the animal, even a human, into extremely vicious beings.

This place, then, sounds much like the Christian Hell?

Precisely. This is the Christian Hell. Certainly not where Jesus went to. In other discourses I have referred to the Electromagnetic Field surrounding the globe of the Earth, and more closely to the human perspective, the aura around the physical body. As the human aura is greatly affected by our personal thoughts, so too is the aura around the planet. Negative thoughts stay lodged for a long period of time in the aura unless we consciously do something about transforming that negative energy into positive energy. This is even more so with the aura surrounding the planet. The human aura eventually, after death of the physical body that fed and maintained it, does disintegrate, not so with the planet’s aura, it lives forever. In today’s era, it is probably the worst it has ever been in the history of man. It is entirely infused with man’s negative and often evil thoughts. As any mystic should know, these thoughts are empowered living things, whether they take the form vampires, demons, werewolves, etc, they are a very real experience by whoever encounters them.

Scary stuff. So there is no escape from this place?

There is always an avenue of escape to the unfortunate soul who may get entrapped there. Fortunately, the greater majority of living souls pass straight beyond this dark place. One would really need to be disturbed in spirit not to pass beyond it. Those who do get trapped in this place are very difficult to assist. And there are always those who are ready to assist. To the majority of individuals, their only contact and experience with this place is during dreams of nightmares. From these we do wake up.

During the time of final judgment of this planet, during the harvesting of souls, this aura is entirely cleaned and all inside it is disintegrated. All in preparation for a new beginning. A new cycle. A new root race, of which this world had many.

So what is the basic principle of Purgatory?  How best can one avoid being caught there?

The basic principle of Purgatory is to purge; burn away gross contamination we have accumulated in our souls during our earth life.  No one can avoid ending up in Purgatory, but remember, there are many levels of Purgatory, most of them are not undesirable places.  The best way to avoid the darker levels is to live a wholesome life.  A spiritual life is preferable.  Establish and maintain a well balanced God Consciousness.  The more one developes spiritually, the less time will be spent in Purgatory.

Can one develop spiritually whilst in Purgatory or is this solely an earth endeavor?

We are on the earth to free ourselves from Karma and to develop spiritually.  And, yes, we can continue our spiritual development whilst in Purgatory.  In fact it's a must in order to get out of it.  This is why, Jesus, spent 3 days in Hell, which should really be mentioned as Purgatory, where he taught his Gospel.  In other words, he brought light to the spirits that were entrapped there.  "He ascended to the heights with captives in his train", as the scripture reads.  Paul more clarified it by stating that they had lived their lives according to the ways of man, but while in spirit, they could live their lives according to spirit.  He freed them from Purgatory in order for them to do so.  You cannot live to full spirit potential whilst in Purgatory and still in the astral body, or, for the sake of the Christians, the soul body.  The spirit must rid itself of the soul in order to ascend the heights.

So the soul and spirit are different things?

Of course they are.  The spirit is the Divine Consciousness in the image and likeness of God.  God is Spirit, not soul.  He has no soul.  The angels have no souls.  Only we who incarnate onto this planet have souls.  Consider the soul as a coat that covers the body.  After death we no longer need the soul as a covering, or vehicle, and should rid ourselves off it as soon as possible.  After death it becomes nothing but an anchor.

We must not confuse the Christian spirit with the Greek soul.  In Christian faith the soul is not eternal, and nowhere does it state it as eternal, in fact, the soul does die.  In Christianity the spirit is the eternal essence.

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